The Rial-Baker Psychotherapy Clinic is now interviewing for Licensed Professional Counselor Interns. All interns begin on a part-time basis .

An interviewee must have completed all of the following:

*Masters or Doctorate (preferred) Degree
*Exceptional score on National Counselor Examination (NCE) -- Preference for 90% or Above
*Impeccable references: 3 Professors of Graduate Counseling Courses, Practicum Supervisor(s), Previous Employer(s), 3 Character References
*Graduate Transcript GPA of 3.8 or Above
*Mastery of the following: Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Rational Emotive Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Forgiveness Therapy, Family Systems Framework, Existential Philosophy, Mindfulness Techniques

The Rial-Baker Psychotherapy Clinic accepts for interviews, only the most mature, professional, and skilled counselor interns. Confidence, with an eager openness to learn, is paramount to success. Interns must be veracious readers (2-4 books per month), active listeners, and have a true compassion for all people, all cultures, and all lifestyles.  A readiness to practice genuine and unconditional positive regard for each client is of utmost importance. Interviewees must have a comfortable, conversational, professional use of psychotherapy vernacular.

A placement at the Rial-Baker Psychotherapy Clinic is a highly selective process. Those chosen can expect Dr. Rial-Baker to be a hands-on supervisor who will companion each intern as he/she grows professionally, personally, and spiritually. Instruction, debriefing, and learning occur through a variety of modes: face-to-face supervision, group think tanks, online discussion-topic boards, book club engagement, and peer-reviewed research article analysis. Each intern is groomed for continuious employment with the Rial-Baker Psychotherapy Clinic, or to start his/her own private counseling practice.

Contact Dr. Donna Rial-Baker @ 469-556-2576